VM Zinc standing seam cold roof on vented plywood.

The client chose VM Zinc “Quartz” zinc for the roof covering to the new extension of the family home. This is a very popular material which offers a similar appearance to the natural patina that develops over time with untreated zinc.

The “Quartz” colour is obtained by immersing natural zinc in a solution which modifies the crystalline structure of the surface of the metal at a thickness of approximately one micron. This treatment is a durable chemical conversion of the surface structure of the metal. It is not a finish but a genuine, long-lasting treatment of the surface.

The zinc roof sheets were installed with standing seam joints, spaced at approximately 530mm centres, upon VM Zinc (breather) membrane, fixed to WBP plywood. VM Zinc eaves gutters and downpipes maintained the aesthetic.

Our team worked tirelessly to complete the project in record time, yet maintaining the highest quality workmanship.