Zinc is by far the most frequently requested metal that we work with. Titanium zinc products are renowned for their excellent quality and lifespan.

Natural Zinc is available as well as pre-weathered zinc – it comes in coils, sheets, strips and is profiled into panels /trims to suit each contract, gutters hoppers and accessories are also available.

Zinc is available in a number of finishes, including:

natural zinc


Pre-Weathered Grey zinc

Pre-Weathered Grey

Pre-Weathered Black zinc

Pre-Weathered Anthra/ Graphite/ Black

Patterned Matt Grey zinc

Patterned Zinc

Pre-Weathered Grey with protective coating

Zinc- with protective rear coatings available

When copper alloys are used as cladding they provide reliable protection against the elements. The wide range of colours and textures available allow for stunning effects, always delivering an impressive finish.

Copper is extremely versatile with an expected lifespan of over 100 years.  It is also good for the environment as it is 100% recyclable, and itself contains a high level of recycled content.  That, along with the fact that is is a lightweight, low maintenance metal, with self-cleaning properties and also very cost effective, means that it is often used to add value and quality to new developments.

Copper can be presented with any one of a number of finishes, including:


Bright Copper


Pre Oxidised




Golden to Warm Brown


Blue/Green Copper



Stainless Steel is a long life product, usually able to last for the whole-life cycle of a building. As a material if is suitable for roofing, façade and interior usage.
It is a lightweight product, is infinitely recyclable and also overal offers great value with a low cost per square meter.

Stainless steel can come in several different finishes, including:


Uginox Sand


Uginox Top


Uginox Bright

Lead is often used in restoration projects, including churches and stately homes. It is a traditional material and the skills used when working with lead have been used throughout the ages.

Lead offers excellent durability & flexibility, it also has great aesthetic appeal.

Typically lead comes rolled into sheets, used in roof and cladding applications.

Both milled and sand cast lead is available upon request.

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