An Alternative to Lead Roofing

The lead roofs to the Nave and Chancel of St Marys Church were overdue replacement, with regular patching helping to increase their lifespan.

An all too common occurrence in recent years, much of the lead was stolen overnight, leaving the timber boards exposed to the elements and the contents within the church vulnerable to water damage. Following a lengthy process, grants were raised to fund the replacement roof coverings.

With the possibility of another theft of lead, permission was granted to fit Terne Coated Stainless Steel as a replacement – the next best alternative and more competitive in terms of cost.

We consulted with our suppliers to source insulation with high acoustic reduction properties that would contribute a minimal increase in height. We laid the stainless steel upon this, fixed through to the substrate, with standing seam joints. We also replaced damaged sections of cast iron gutter and re-bedded loose coping stones.