Routine Maintenance

Please find below the church maintenance tasks we undertake:

I. Clearing parapet/ eaves gutters/ valleys, of any flat or shallow pitched roof areas (including the tower roof).

II. The cleaning of all rainwater chutes/downpipes/gullies and catchpits of all debris /vegetation and any blockages. We will carry our own water supply in order to watertest rainwater goods should no onsite water be available.

III. Rodding and clearing low level gullies of silt and debris.

IV. Refixing slipped and replacing any low-level accessible slates/tiles, applying an emergency temporary repair to metal roofs, report findings to the church warden/architect and await instruction.

V. Clear principle steps or path to the church from rubbish / excessive growth of vegetation which could hinder safe access.

An attendance report form is to be completed and returned electronically to the nominated architect/church warden within two weeks of each visit. The report will be supported by a minimum of six photographs recording the status before/after the church visit. Should we find anything which requires further attention additional photographs recording the defects will be included.

Access for routine maintenance tasks will be via aluminium ladders to a maximum height of 9.5m; access to the must be vis safe internal access.

We therefore propose a maximum of two visits per year, one in the Autumn and one in the Spring.

Please feel free to contact the office for further information.